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Welcome to, the home of cattery FIN*Iloinen. The breeder name Iloinen ("happy") was registered in FIFe in August 2007. We breed Siberian cats & European shorthair cats. Our cattery is located in Kaarina, South-West coast of Finland.

The pages are only in Finnish, but feel free to contact us in English!



European shorthair kittens!!!

The first FIN*Iloinen European shorthair litter of five kittens was born on February 7th 2010.

Litter's pedigree
The first album (Java required)

Dam: FIN*Shaman's Bastetinsafiiri (Pisara)
Sire: FIN*Kissakallion Jerold (Jere)


If you have any questions or comments or if you are interested in the kittens, please contact us at or directly via our email page!

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